Anywhere but Here: Kowloon “Anarchy” City

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33 most beautiful abandoned places in the world


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Took time off to set up little website :)

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TEDxTeen - Jacob Barnett: Forget What You Know (by TEDxTalks)

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Why are Finland's schools successful?

An article that puts forward observations on Finland’s education system and the reasons why they are so successful.

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Another article on the illness called Creativity

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You're creative, sick in the mind?

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The myth of education

Some personal thoughts after I read the article:

The article brought a short wave of warmth as I fantasized how nice if everyone thought education was not schooling but as a way of life. Schools would not be factories churning paper graduates who have some parts amiss (I’m sorry if the lack of expression has clouded the thought, it’s the morning after a night of merry drinking ;)), eventually causing their own downfall. I’m referring to the recent few cases of highly ‘educated’ individuals who have succumbed to unethical activities. It will be ideal where schools become meeting places for individuals to share their own experiences in understanding the world around them. Haha, that would be so nice.

However, there is no perfect situation in real life. The world we live in consists of generations of people, each wave with a fixed mentality of what education is. To cut short, if anything wonderful were to happen in our education, there is a need to wash out the current generation’s fixed mentality on how education is viewed. However, people are reluctant to change, and change, in the local context, would mean going through proper channels, submitting proposals, filling up forms, making presentations, attending interviews, the list goes on. People generally are reluctant to change their mindsets, the process of making real change deters bright individuals further. No one who wants to thrive here would risk bringing on something like an education revolution. So sadly, I do feel that although individuals may play active roles in their circle of influence to affect some minds, the fact is that the majority of the current generation’s, plus previous generations’ mindset remains unchanged.

To add on, employers rely heavily on paper qualifications when assessing individuals. If going by the ideal definition of education, there may be individuals who are bright and enlightened that they forgo schooling and dedicate a portion of their lives to discover new things and insights. End of the day, these people would still need a job to feed themselves and with a lack of qualifications, how would they seek employment through prospective employers? The question in mind is, would one risk one’s future to embrace this ideal education? Knowing that by doing so one will possibly upset certain preset goals such career, marriage and family. Or will one just be in the system; knowing that there is a preset route that is mapped out for them and they can see the light at the end of the tunnel?

(raw and unedited personal views. Any perceived allegations are unintended.)

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10 talks on making schools great

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What are you looking for from prospective interior designer ? or we can say "interior designer wannabe"


Are you referring to the qualities that might aid in becoming an interior designer?

Personally, the only word that sums up everything would be ‘sensitivity’. If one is sensitive, one would be able to consider the many factors that contribute to creating good spaces.

Quick wrap on Scandinavian design

Not that I’m pro-Scandinavian, but nonetheless a quick resource to have a general look at Scandinavian design.

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[Translated, to my best ability] “All of his (Jiro’s) sushi creations look seeming simple and effortless, but you will be surprised that for something so simple, its taste can achieve such depth.”"

- 小野二郎, in “Jiro dreams of Sushi”

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Bangkok University

Something to think about…

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- 方文山

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